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How to make cute gift card holders.
Modify the belly band for any occasion!
These are great boxes to present gift cards all year long! Embellish the belly band with a flower, or heart, or whatever else fits your theme or recipient. Cute!!

I've been asked for a tutorial on the gift card holders... so here is a REALLY quick one before the holiday madness hits my house!! - forgive the blurrier-than-usual photos and very un-red paper color, the Craft Central is waiting on an order of Red card stock, and I am stuck in the kitchen! With Thanksgiving tomorrow I'm sure you understand! LOL - 

Gift Card Holder
These I did for Christmas with a Santa theme, you've seen the Santa Belt all over Pinterest I'm sure! It's so cute - and easy to make! Some red, some white, some black with a buckle! Bam - Santa!
I've made these cute treat boxes from Sharon Cheng over at and love how the box opens. It encloses the box when closed. You'll have to make one and see it in person, its very elegant. The boxes Sharon makes are cut and folded all from one 8.5 x 11 sheet! I wanted the box to hold a gift card, but they are a little different dimensions than those treat boxes.

Using your handy-dandy Paper Trimmer & Scoring blade...
Start with and 8.5 x 11" sheet of Real Red Card Stock. Cut it in half at 4.25" on the short side. Cut one half to 4.25 x 9.25"; and the other half to 4.25 x 5".
You will also need
2 pieces of Whisper White, each cut to 4.25 x 1"
1 piece of Basic Black, cut to 1.25 x 10"
1 piece of Brushed Gold Card Stock, a long strip 1.75 x 10"

Take your large red card stock piece, use your score blade on your Stampin' Trimmer to score on the 9.25" side: 2" and 2.75" and 6.5" and 7.25.
On the 4.25" side score at: 0.75" and 3.5"
From the center section - the X in the photo above - you're going to Cut the center outside strips off. This section is the base of the box.
Imagine I am a crisp photo of red card stock! 
You'll then CREASE all the score lines.
Add glue to the outside of the smallest little flaps. You want the edge of the box to be smooth, so these little flaps get glued inside the lid.

Once both sides are assembled, you'll move on to the tray inside the box.
I'm really a red piece of card stock. At heart.
On the small piece of red, you are going to score 0.75" on all sides. then Cut each flap as marked above - on the 5" sides! Glue as marked in the picture (G) on the inside of the long flap corners. You want the edge of the inside box to be smooth so the lid closes easily. WATCH this part - the box wont open and close well AT ALL if you adhere these flaps the wrong way! Ask me how I know!! Had to redo the whole half dozen I made because I glued the lids opposite. :-/
Should look like this:
Makes for a smooth edge for the lid to close down on. Center your tray in the center, about 1/8" in from each end of the box. Before you really glue it down, check that the lids open and close ok! If you have to remake one or the other, its easier if its not the whole thing! Again. Ask me how I know... Sigh. Boxes and I have issues.

Take the two small white strips, score them at 0.75" from each end, and adhere to the edges of your box - these are the "fur trim" on Santa's Coat! ((You should probably add these earlier, like when the box is flat, but I am rushed & added them here!!))

The edges of your box will overlap slightly, this will be held down by the belly band.
For the belly band you'll use the strip of black. 1.25" x 10"

Score the strip at 2.75, 3.5, 7.25, and 8.0".
then you'll want to punch 3 holes on each side of the center strip for your 'Belt holes'. I used the 1/4" Hand Held Punch, and it is helpful to measure and pencil in some reference marks for a nice even line! Start about 3/8" in from each edge of the center score marks, the holes will be about 1/4" apart. 

(Imagine a photo here, my son has stolen my punch, what I get for having crafty kids!)

For the Belt Buckle, I used the Brushed Gold strip. I was making a half dozen pieces for the craft fair, so this is easier than it sounds! I made 6 pieces from one strip. if you are only making one, you need a square of gold that is 1.75". 
On the strip you want to again pencil in some reference marks - 3/8" in from the top and the left edge (or right edge, whichever works for your handed-ness). You're going to hold the strip and punch using the 1" square punch on these marks to make the center hole/square of the belt buckle. There are probably easier belt buckles out there, I just was trying to match the picture. Feel free to share your better buckle! 
Yes, I'm stingy with my Gold paper!! Imagine (again) this is Gold! 

Then cut this square at 1.75 and you have a belt buckle! Adhere on top, and in the center, of your black strip with two pieces of sticky strip. Place the band around the box, make sure it is tight enough to secure the lid, but loose enough to slide off and on, then use a nice piece of Sticky Strip to close the belly band.

Add a fabulous gift card, maybe some candy, and there you have a really festive gift!!
If you'd like a quick coordinating gift tag, there is also a tutorial for the Santa Hat Gift Tag HERE. 

I'm working on some Birthday and Valentine boxes, hopefully I'll remember to take pictures when I'm in the craft room working on these, instead as I am baking up a storm in the kitchen!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!
Hope you get some crafting in among all the holiday hustle this weekend!

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