Paper Pumpkin Club - February Wildflower Wishes

This kit was awesome! ((I loved the Celebrate card with the "your awesomeness" tag)) LOL
I can see myself using the stamps again on other projects. In fact, I brought a few to share!! These are NOT alternates, I made them using the Memories and More Petal Garden set, a really economical way to get a variety of images to mix with your stamp sets. Add in a pack of Note Cards, and Boom! Cards for Days!

MidnightCrafting Hello Sweet Friend - Wildflower Wishes Paper Pumpkin Feb 2018
Hello Sweet Friend - Wildflower Wishes Paper Pumpkin Feb 2018
You'll notice that I used the notecards for most of these, but I also had some where I did some "stepped up" cards using the gold accents and other ink colors with colored card stock.
MidnightCrafting Celebrate Your Awesomeness - Wildflower Wishes Paper Pumpkin Feb 2018
 But the point of showing the different versions is to share how easy it is to get a variety of cards with minimal supplies. Note cards, your Paper Pumpkin Kit Stamps, and one of the Memories & More packs. It's easy :-)))
MidnightCrafting Thank You - Wildflower Wishes Paper Pumpkin Feb 2018

You can see the Memories and More Petal Garden Pack HERE
and don't forget the get some Note Cards HERE - easy way to make a bunch of cards any time you need them!

My Paper Pumpkin Club is held near the end of each month, to allow for the kits to arrive, and we spend the afternoon making the kit and chit-chatting.  This is a FREE event for my Paper Pumpkin Subscribers. Come join us by signing up for your own Paper Pumpkin Monthly Subscription! Check on Facebook for the next dates,
--- or try out one of my Preview Nights where you can make a card from the current kit and get more information about Paper Pumpkin.

February's kit arrived with some pretty dang cute flower cards, with gorgeous envelopes, and TONS of extras after we made the kits. At my Paper Pumpkin Club we agreed: this was such a pretty kit!!

Wildflower Wishes - February 2018 Paper Pumpkin
The kit came with everything you needed to complete the 9 cards, 3 of each greeting, and once we were done, OH MY GOSH!! We had a ton of the floral stickers left. Plenty to use with the stamp set on other projects.

Here's whats included in the Memories and More Petal Garden Pack - A great deal at only $10, and seriously - order TWO packs of Note Cards, this will let you make AT LEAST 30 cards!!
MidnightCrafting Memories and More Stampin Up Petal Garden Pack

I'd love to show you some more ways to use your Paper Pumpkin Kit stamps, they're really the best part of your Kit! ;-) 

Happy Crafting!

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