Back Packs - stuffed with possibilities

One of my bosses is transfering to another department, and for his Good Wishes party tomorrow I made him this New Job Survival Kit backpack. Why a back pack, you ask? Well, he ALWAYS carries one around, and I really wanted to try out this ADORable little tutorial By Paula Goff over at Inking Addict!

There are a ton of great ideas for Survival Kits HERE and you can mix and match and modify the contents as I did with Mikes. I used the Teacher Survival kit but geared it towards doing great in the new job. These would be really cute in any number of packages.. But I love the look of these backpacks - great for kids getting out of school, going away to school, teachers, daycare, you could do military or boy scout, summer camp, back packers or cutsie school kid themes. I love the use of the designer paper - and your choice of embellishements can vary as your theme does. :-) Very Nice!
More pictures at my TwitPic site.

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