Personalized Tea Tray Gift Idea

My mama had her birthday this past week, Happy Birthday Mom!!

MidnightCrafting resin tray with Stampin' Up! Paper
Our family trip to Disneyland last fall. 
I made a tray for her with some photos of the grand-babies. I think it came out pretty good - for my first time working with Resin! She loved it. (( of course!! I mean... its of her grandchildren and from her daughter :: Love ;-) ))
Mix and Match. So hard for me to do "random"!
I got a wooden tea-tray from the magical Tarszhay.  I used some scraps from a (really) old Stampin' Up! Project Life set I found when I was organizing. Amazing the things you find when you clean a craft room. hahaha.  I mixed up the patterns, but as with all the Stampin' Up  paper sets, its a given that they will mix and match well!

MidnightCrafting resin tray with Stampin' Up! Paper

I was PLANNING on adding cute little drawings or notes from the kids. But. They were not particularly cooperative. Kids. Gotta love 'em. #killedmyCraftBuzz
So I went ahead and added some more photos.

MidnightCrafting resin tray with Stampin' Up! Paper
Aren't they CUTE!!! 
 These awesome snapshots from my favorite photographer Rachel Azevedo. You can see more of her **gorgeous** work at

MidnightCrafting resin tray with Stampin' Up! Paper
And More photos. Because. Cute Kids. Love.

The next step was to Modge Podge the heck out of all the layers. All. The. Layers. I mean, this step took much much longer than I expected. I used the Dishwasher Safe kind, and waited as long as I could between coats. My friend had warned me to seal it first so the resin didn't seep into the papers or photos. It was a lot of waiting, but that gave me time to make the cards I had for her. You can see those in another post. :-)

MidnightCrafting resin tray with Stampin' Up! Paper
Modge. Podge. Like Crazy. 

Then I had the interesting experience of pouring the resin onto the tray. Let me tell you, STINKY stuff!! I had added a bunch of little embellishments, and thankfully listened to my friend (again) who told me to go with the Big bottle of resin since it was difficult to tell how much you'd need to cover it all pretty well. I guesstimated ok. It covered all of it with just over 1/8" of resin. There are a couple of the buttons that are juuuust poking through, but I believe I doused the center holes so they should not make it a water trap.

Anyhow. This was was an easy, albeit super time consuming, craft to make if you find you have any really old extra paper sets in hiding! ;-) Keep those craft stashes under control!

Happy Crafting!

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