2018 Goals for my crafty life

I am happy to say that I made it out of 2017 with my ankle restored to (decent) working order and many fun memories with family and friends. My crafting in 2017, however, suffered greatly!!!!
So the three Crafting Goals I have for 2018 are a little general at this point, but I hope they get me back on the path to the relaxation and joy I remember from craftier times.

First, I will be focusing on my Paper Pumpkin Club and sharing the invitation to enjoy Creativity in a Box with me! Paper Pumpkin was a sanity saver for me when I spent a few months on the couch with that darn ankle accident! It really is easy to make something pretty when everything is ready to go in this little box. I appreciated the simple and fast projects so I didn't get tired out. (Funny - not - how you get tired out just sitting on the couch.) That red box really was Happy Mail each month!

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin' Up!

Second, I will be starting up my classes and workshops again to share crafty goodness with the locals. I want to find people who will come make stuff with me, learn new techniques, and try new projects. The workshops will be for kits, cards, and various projects. The classes will focus on card making. I look forward to meeting new people, and to sharing craft time with my family and friends.

My Stampin' Sisters, that I haven't seen in far too long! 

Last, I will be reorganizing my craft room to reflect these new goals. It will become a calm place for me to plan ahead and research new projects and ideas for sharing and teaching crafts. It will be a clean and organized room where I can let my creativity go wild in designing and making cards and projects. It will be a warm and welcoming room where I can share craft secrets with my crafty group. That is perhaps a lot to expect out of one regular room, but I have confidence in my Craft Room!

In Progress... (LED Candles - there are a lot of flammables in there! lol)

I hope you will join me in new adventures in crafting! If you're in Patterson, California, or our sweet little neighboring towns of Newman, Westley, and Gustine, (Or you feel like driving into the westside wilderness to visit!!) check out my event calendar on Facebook or contact me to be added to email notifications.

Here's to Happy Crafting in 2018!

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