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June Paper Pumpkin 2016 Stampin Up
June Paper Pumpkin Kit has arrived!! Sparkly!!!
 Might be a record - my kit arrived within a week of shipping!! Usually it takes me about 10-12 days to get my kit where I live, way out here in the boonies - but Happy Day! Its here!!

June 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Banner Surprise MidnightCrafting,com
When in Doubt, Watch the Video! LoL
Honestly, it took me a minute to figure out what the heck this kit was making. No really. Was it a banner? Was it cards with a little pennant on them? OH!! Its BOTH!
A card with a Banner on it! Surprise! lol Ok. Oh My Gosh - how cute is that?!? Can you just imagine the reaction this card will get when its opened?!
June 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Banner Surprise MidnightCrafting,com
Supplies for June Paper Pumpkin Kit
So I was all set to follow the instructions, and I decided I would make all my cards Birthday Cards.
(( #ImBringingBirthdaysBack ))

To save time I stamped all my circles at the same time. And all my cards. And all my envelopes. Step one, Done! Then Step two. Add the gold stickers. Ok. This is where I ran into a problem, maybe you have too.
The supplies given are two sheets of alphabet / heart / star stickers:

And if you do your letter math (what, its a thing) you'll find that there are only enough letters to make TWO banners that say HAPPY. Hmmm. But I have supplies to make 6 cards. So what do I make the other banners say, for my Happy Birthday cards?!?! There's no suggestion in the instructions, and I was at a loss. Dang instructions. I was all Happy to make Happy banners, but now I was UNHappy.
Alternate June 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Banner Surprise MidnightCrafting,com
Other Sayings for June Paper Pumpkin Kit 
I spent some time frustrated. (And figuring out options to use the scrumptious sparkly sequins in other projects!) But then I decided I was still going to make all 6 birthday cards!! And I came up with some other sayings that I could make with my limited amount of stickers. You're Welcome. :-)
Happy (you can make 2 of these, then all your P's are gone)
Party (Cut an R into a P by removing a leg)
Wish Big
Done June 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Banner Surprise MidnightCrafting,com
So pretty - I can just imagine the HAPPY smile on someones face to get this card!! 
June 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Banner Surprise MidnightCrafting,com
Happy Banner - So sparkly and festive! 
Six cards. Ta-dah!
Warning: Celebrate is REALLY LONG. It makes for a very lengthy unwrapping, and bulky card envelope. :-/  Probably not a good use of your supplies.

SO here are some other words you can make, for the other occasions included in your stamp set in the kit (Anniversary, Shower, & Graduation) You'll have to do your own Word Math and see what you can make from what you have left... lol
but these are some options:

Fiesta      Bride     Love 
Its a Girl / Boy     Party     WooHoo
Way To Go     Congrats
Forever     Cherish     Love You
Success     You Did It     Enjoy 
Good Job     Sassy     Sweet
Dream Big     Kisses     Wish
Smiles     Blessed     Adore
Always     Devotion      Bliss
Success     Grad     Cake
Ms To Mrs     Forever
Dreams     Lucky     Hugs


TIPS June 2016 Paper Pumpkin Kit Banner Surprise MidnightCrafting,com
Dangit!! Thats not so cute! Tip Number One - use a glue dot!
As your card recipient is unwinding the adorable banner you so lovingly gave them, it would be kind of... awkward... if the lettering was all wonky!! To avoid this, use a glue dot from one of your other Paper Pumpkin kits, or a little dab of glue, to set that letter in the bag facing the right way.

Aghh!! They fall off the string as you unwind the card!
Tip Number Two - tie a small knot!
As your recipient is unwinding the banner from the card, they may not get that its a Banner and needs to stay on that string 'till the fabulous finale! After you figure out the spacing to tie your bow, tie a small knot at the beginning and ends of your banner so the flags don't fall off in the big revealing.

And that should give you some ideas! ;-)
HAPPY Crafting,

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