Her Frozen Birthday - Part One

The #craftygirl turned Seven this year, oh my how the time flies!! My Pinterest Board has lots of ideas on how to make a Frozen Party come to life, but here is how WE did it!
I had the Olaf made, its hand painted and hand cut MDF or something. Nice and sturdy, I hope it lasts as long as the joy of Frozen does for her! Her dress I ordered from a cute little shop on Etsy - Blossom Blue Boutique. We looked through all the dresses for Elsa, and both liked this one! I liked it for the fact that it wasn't an over the top costume dress that she would only wear occasionally!! She wore it to school for her birthday, and every chance she gets, since then! ;-) Perfection! I cut the snowflakes for Olaf's "Flurry" on the Silhouette and hung them onto the cloud using fishing line. Don't Do This. :-D It would have been so much simpler to just tape those suckers to the wall!! But it had nice movement, and looked very pretty!
I wanted to really just have the kids in one location, so I used Scene Setters, streamers, and paper lanterns to create a Chilly Party Area. The rock candy chandelier was one of my favorites, those candies are pretty perfect for a frozen party! All from Oriental Trading!

Again, I'm big on being able to re-use things, so the party decor also consisted of several Posters that have since moved into my daughters room and continue to delight her. The plates and napkins I mixed between the Disney issue party decor and some plain blue party decor. Blue being my favorite color, I will be able to use any extras at a later time. There are a ton of sites with free printables, so my daughter cut and assembled the straw flags, water labels, and True Love's (Hershey) Kiss stickers. (none of which I have photos to share here :-/) I do have some on Instagram! She did a great job, and I was glad to have her help and see how much work it really is to put on a party with allll the little details. I think she will be more thoughtful when requesting next years theme... maybe!

The cake was made by a local lady, she has a Facebook page here: Yvettes Cakes
I asked for a plain cake with snowflakes, and look at this beautiful creation I got!! It was so delicious too! Marshmallow Fondant with a rich and creamy chocolate filling in a chocolate cake... I will dream of this cake. It was Great! I added some of the Rock Candy and a Disney play set to recreate a cake I had seen online. It looked amazing! 
The beautiful original by Yvette

I really did not do a great job with the pictures, I totally don't have any of the awesome Iceberg Punch - which was just Sprite and frozen Hawaiian Punch. This is the only photo that has any of the snacky food we had out. There was a 'Do you wanna build a Snowaman' snack tray (Oreos, Pretzels, two kinds of cheesy puffs) and 'Sven Snacks' (Veggies and Dip Tray), and a platter of "We even finish each others... Sandwiches". So much for my career as a party blogger!! ;-) The cool Christoff Ice Blocks (Jello Jigglers) you can see above were a hit! I must say, for being such a horrible food additive, the blue stuff was dang delicious! 

.... To be continued ... 
Activities and more cake pictures. I apparently Loved the cake!! :-)

Happy Crafting!

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