Her Frozen Birthday - Part Deux

Frozen Part(y) 2
Crafty Girl Posing with her Elsa Crown
Free Printables are Wonderful! Thank you!!

While we were waiting for all the friends to arrive, the kids got little activity packets to occupy them. There were some Frozen coloring sheets, some word search pages... Once everyone had arrived, I passed out little journal kits for each child to decorate. My daughter is big on the journals, so this was her choice of an activity for the party. I got blank journals from Oriental Trading, along with some Frozen Stickers, and a ton of adhesive jewels. Each packet contained some jewels, some stickers, and an assortment of free printable pieces to decorate as they liked. On the table I had bowls with glitter crayons and markers and some glue sticks. The kids were really creative in using the materials to decorate their journals. I hope they enjoyed them!
As they were working on their journals, I handed out crowns to everyone (the boys had a choice of Sven antlers or an Olaf mask) and fit them so they could wear them during the party. These were adorable, another great free printable! The kids snacked and ate as they worked, and when they were done and we were cleaning up the journal activity I got a great group photo of everyone in front of the Frozen scene. I had them sing Let It Go - which is a hilarious and priceless video I'm sure my daughter will LOVE when she is older! LOL Priceless!!

Moving on... I had made up kits for each child to make their own Olaf. I put some orange and brown M& M's, a couple candy eyes, and 3 powdered donuts in a sandwich bag. This worked out well I think because there was honestly enough sugary snacks at this party to power these kids to the moon and back, I didn't think having M&M's out too would be so good... but regardless, this was a GREAT activity for the kids! 

My favorite of the creative interpretations of a snowman! LOL 
Much laughter around the table as they made and then ate their Olafs!

Once we had finished the Olafs, we moved on to presents. Then on to the CAKE! :-)
Daddy was there to light the candles. Some of the kids did not care for the fondant, but everyone enjoyed the chocolate cake! 
How is she Seven already?!?
The kids played for a while in her room, but before it was time to go we played one last game of Pin the Nose on Olaf. Again, awesome Free Printable! I printed the noses onto full sheet lable paper, and had them trimmed out. We just added the childs name, spun them around and Bam! Poor Olaf!! LOL

Overall, one of the most fun parties I've put on for my kids. Very easy to pull together, and most importantly: The Girl Had a Very Good Time.

The End. 

Happy Crafting!

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