Stampin' Up! Catalog Premier - The Main Event - Sacramento

My Upline Julie Douglas (center) and Sidelines
So the swappers swapped, excited ladies mingled & speculated! It was gorgeous weather, and while the rest of the country was starting an evening event, it was only just before 4pm here in California! A beautiful spring afternoon! And then the doors opened, and we were invited into Regal Cinemas, Natomas!!
Tickets in hand we're waiting in line after getting our wristbands.
For never having done a multi-site, simulcast event, this was handled very well I thought! Once we entered, we checked in with the Stampin' Up! representatives, and picked a wristband. *Note To Self: When picking your own wristband, choose the odd-one-out!! Dangit, and I knew as soon as I saw them that they were for Prize Patrol!! But did I grab that lone odd design amid the sea of orange stripes? Nooooo. Sad, sad, face!! I did NOT win Prize Patrol!!*
Then we got in line to enter the theatre. We even had our name up on the movie guide, theater 12 :

Inside it was just like being at a mini-convention (minus the awesome entrance tunnel of Stampin' Up! employees) with the big screen showing a really cool movie premier style graphic of the Stampin' Up! logo. (video on Instagram)

We found seats, and really, no seat was a bad seat - its a movie theater!! So cool! Then I ran to get something to snack on, and find the Check In Sign that I wanted a picture with. (See Instagram ) Then back to our seats for the MAIN EVENT!! 

We had the pleasure of seeing Shelly Gardner, CEO and co-founder of Stampin' Up! welcome us to the event. She shared some updates on her health and family, and then we got to see the cover of the catalog!! I'm sure you've seen a hundred pics of it by now, but I think its just really well thought out! It captures the essence, inspiring and creating, but also my favorite - sharing! I love the 3 sets of hands working together yet separately on projects. There are some great little details to catch your eye and interest:

Some new products, some returning favorites, its a great cover I think! What did you think when you saw it?

We spent the next two incredibly fast hours getting a tour of the catalog from familiar faces at Stampin' Up!, and oh my gosh, when they post the recording this weekend you really have to go watch!! It was full of laughs, and oohs and ahhhs! Such a great presentation! 

As we left the theatre, we were handed our copy of this months Stampin' Success Magazine for Demonstrators (delayed this month in anticipation of the Premiere, the cover is totally awesome! ;) and a FREE STAMP SET (woot woot!!!) and the best parting gift of all - the NEW CATALOG!

Yeah, so we didn't exactly rush out of the theater then! Lots of people just couldn't wait to open and see for themselves the new goodies!
A new Demo - joined during Sale-a-bration, so exciting for her!!
Smiles all around as we thumbed through! 

... and then we did leave the theater, and headed to a spot where we could browse at our leisure! 

- To Be Continued - 

Happy Crafting!

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