33 Birthday cards on the wall...

33 Birthday Cards... Take one down, pass it around.... well. Something like that! :-)
My friend and I got cahrayzee in the craft room today while our kids played. It was fun, I am cleaning out all my folders and keepers, and came across these One Sheet Wonders that had all the DSP paper cut - just had to get some card bases, coordinating card stocks, and the white part to stamp. So I put my friend to work {LOL} and we stamped and assembled this fine group of cards! We had to break for husbands and dinner and that sort of thing, so I finished hand coloring the cards and doing the final assembly by my lonesome, but I am pleased!

Bam! Thats how you get a crafty year rolling! I believe this will take me halfway to my OWH goal for the month, and I still have time to get crackin' on the slew of Birthday cards I need for personal use!

It was a bit tricky finding ink and coordinating paper to match this retired Designer Series Paper, (I'm sure my friend thought I was bonkers) and then deciphering my notes on how all the pre-cut strips actually assembled into cards... well, thats what friends are for, right? They still like you, cahrayzee and all! 

Happy Crafting!

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