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Q: How do I print cards using My Digital Studio?

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A: My Digital Studio allows you to design a variety of card styles including traditional cards in several sizes, postcards, and even tri-fold cards. You can print cards on your home printer or through our professional print service. The easiest option, and the one with the best results, will be using the professional print service.

Printing at Home
Once you design your cards in My Digital Studio you can print them at home, but it is a bit tricky since every printer operates a bit differently and prints colors differently. Even good-quality printers may not give the high-quality print and color detail that you’ll get with professional print services. When you design a traditional card in My Digital Studio, it actually has four pages - front, inside left, inside right, and back. It is great to be able to customize all four pages, but it makes printing at home more complicated. The easiest way to print at home is to print just the front of the card, cut it out and then layer it onto a card body just like you do when making a hand-stamped card. This also has the benefit of giving you a heavier weight card body since most printers cannot handle heavyweight card stock. To print the full four-page card at home, you’ll need to do a bit of experimenting with how your printer prints. You’ll need to print pages 1 and 4 (front and back) then re-insert the paper into the printer to print pages 2 and 3 (inside left and inside right). The trick is knowing if you need to just flip the paper over, or if you need to flip and rotate the paper. Each printer is different, so it will take some trial and error.

Professional Print Service
You’ll be the happiest with the results you get from the professional print service. The professional print service neatly prints high-quality images on heavy card stock and includes a heavy-weight envelope along with the card. You simply upload the card using the link in the My Digital Studio program, tell us how many copies you want, and all the work is done for you. Plus, with our professional print service, the colors are guaranteed to match the Stampin’ Up! colors. So if you want to add on embellishments like punched images, buttons, or ribbon, they will all coordinate as they should.

New Bulk Pricing
You’ve seen the $5-$7 cards in card stores. But how often are those cards exactly what you want? Now, with My Digital Studio and the new bulk pricing, it is easier and more affordable than ever to print your custom-designed cards just as you want them. Make your custom Christmas cards or baby announcements with photos and your personalized greeting. Design a card with your monogram or a variety of birthday, thank you, and blank cards to have on hand for any occasion. You’ll save on printing and shipping costs when you order a group of cards instead of just a couple, making your custom cards even more affordable.
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