Dollar Store Crafts - Potpourri Character Vase

I take my kids to the dollar store once every couple of weeks as a reward for good behavior, its fun to see what "treasures" they find and I am amazed at the variety our local Dollar Tree has... I had seen a post on Twitter about Halloween crafts, and so when we went to the store a while back I picked up the supplies to make these cute Character Vases. Mine are a little different, $7 for everything as I had nothing on hand for these, but they are a little festive touch that would make cute gifts!
Its a versatile idea, it could be adapted for almost any holiday given a change in ribbon and character - some pumpkins or scarecrows for Thanksgiving or a Harvest theme, eggs or bunnies for Easter, hearts or angels for Valentines Day, Christmas ornaments or figures, even Birthday accents if you have a month of birthdays like we do... perhaps a hostess gift or little thank you to a friend... love the idea :-)

Here are mine:

Dollar Store Spookiness
I have a little witch on the left there, and a Vampire on the right. The characters are spooky, but not at all scary - great for our house. The potpourri I got is cinnamon, its very faint, so perfect if you were not looking to overwhelm anyone. You could probably spice it up with some oils, but it works for us.

The goods: $5

Oops - forgot something... needs a little ribbon I think!

$1 for this pretty pumpkin ribbon - wire ribbon, so you can fluff it up a bit
This would be an easy craft for kids too - simply fill your jar, position your character, and add the ribbon. They have quite the selection of glass vases and jars, you really could get a collection going if you wanted! I would check early for the characters though, they went fast - when I went back for the ribbon, there were none left! Snooze ya lose at the dollar store, I tell ya!

Happy Crafting!