Let me count the ways...

So in my blog class I am only up to Day 3's Lesson, Surprise!  I know you'll be shocked. {that I even made it to Day 3!} But here I am, and I'm looking forward to lesson four! In the interest of time, and the hope that I will be current sometime before the tenth lesson, I am using the "Little to No Time" approach here:

I really spread my attention over way too many things, but currently five things I really enjoy are:

Kelly, Kristin, & me : At the Scrapbook Expo

My Crafty Gal Pals - Kristin and Kelly. When I don't have time or energy to craft, there they are with some new adventure or creation to keep my creative thoughts percolating. They have different styles than me, know different techniques, and try different crafts, but we share a love of crafting and enjoy eachothers company.

Birthday Girl Blog - I love all things Party. The favors, the food, the decorations, the wrapping paper... just the ideas and creativity that go into planning an event. The possibilties. This blog is SO awesome, and if I could I would have a party every weekend (and honestly, most weeknights! - some may dream of vacations, I dream of centerpieces) just to be able to try out the ideas posted...

Twitter - I do seem to be one of the very very few in my real life circle that took to twitter. (techie nerd in me) I love the characters, the ideas, the mundane and momentous events I can connect with. I set up my phone to get text message posts from quite a few folks that I follow. Even if I am doing laundry, grocery shopping, or waiting at the school for Bub, I can see whats tweetin' and feel linked to a world so much larger than my own. I usually post links to card challenges, or catch up on the crafty goodness shared by my tweethearts.

Pistachio cheesecake was the best!

Photos - I've always had a love affair with taking pictures. It started just after high school, I liked to document the shenanigans my friends and I pulled off. I am not a great photographer, and I haven't studied style or composition, but I can take pictures upside down, around corners, or on the fly like nobodys business! I love looking at beautiful pictures, but I enjoy reviewing the little snaps I take of my life. Remembering that delicious sandwich, the silly grin on Bubettes face on the swings, or the way the sunshine filtered through the trees onto the grocery store parking lot. I like to carry my point & shoot with me everywhere, make people pose for silly pictures, and take pictures of almost everything. My kids first words were almost literally "cheese!" My middle name could be Paparazzi.  I lost my camera last fall, right in the midst of my life changing move. I had only my (not so) "smart phone" camera - and it is a POOR substitute. It felt like I had lost a limb. Now that I have a camera again, I hope I can get back to my daily life pictures - but maybe not so paparazzi-ish.

Card MakingI started making cards when I was introduced to Stampin' Up! by a friend. It was so fun! I already adored Hallmark, and the thought of making my cards more personal was enticing. I only dabbled in it, work and school and marriage and life kept me busy... but after my son was born, well, then I got bitten by the bug! Card making parties were my best and only chance to get out and have some Me time. Making cards with my friends guaranteed good times and great cards. Plus, it went well with my paper obsession, and coordinated with scrapbooks - which I desperately needed to organize my growing photo collection... I really enjoy making cards for Operation Write Home, and need to get a box sent off soon actually. If you haven't heard of them, check out their website. Inspiring.

And there you have it... Five things. I could go on and on, but maybe I will save that for a few more (couple hundred) blog posts.

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Kirst said...

Hi Angela,
Just popping by from Shimelle's BFS class. Your Blog looks great! Keep up the good work!
Kirst xx