How Does Your Garden Grow?

Being an avid gardener, and a huge (almost literally) fan of Doughnuts, I was so pleased to find these amazing seeds in my Family Fun magazine this month:
grow wholesome, all-natural doughnuts in your own backyard!
plant by April 1

Simply amazing, and I can't wait for mine to grow and bloom! I hope they are Chocolate with Sprinkles!

I got a whole bunch to share with the kids in the Garden Club at Bubs school. I handed them out today at our weekly meeting, with instructions to be SURE to plant them on April 1. The instructions read to plant them in a pile in a bowl, covered by 1-2 inches of milk.

The kids seemed to get a kick out of them!

If you know a gardener, or want to spread a little springtime cheer, get some of these to pass out to Your friends! Plant some Laughs with these easy & delicious seeds.

some Assembly Required
Hope you have a Fun Friday!!


StacyC said...

What a fun idea! Great post too - I'm stopping by from Shimelle's class.

Beverly said...

very cute idea, I'm going to file this one with ideas to enjoy with future grandchildren ;)

Kimberlee said...

That is totally adorable. What a fun idea. You are so creative. :) I just had to come by and tell you I completely LOVED your LOLcat haiku. Thanks for playing along. You rock!