Paper Pumpkin February 2015 Layers Of Gratitude Paper Pumpkin Feb 2015 HappyMail Craft Subscription Box
Ready to Run Away with Paper Pumpkin Feb 2015 Craft Subscription Box
Oh the #happymail day when that red box jumps out of my mailbox!
I purposely try not to look at all the other posts of lucky ducks getting theirs before me, so that I can enjoy that excitement and surprise of opening my own gift wrapped project!! And sometimes its a wait - I live in a pretty rural town. But I do love the surprise.

Missed out on this month's kit? Neener Neener!! 
Ahem, I mean, 
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Bright Colors - Two new Stampin' Spots to add to your collection!
This month's kit is pretty interesting! Its bright, its going to give you some GREAT stamps, and I've got some great ideas to share with you on how you can use these fun Thank You cards!! Paper Pumpkin Feb 2015 HappyMail Craft Subscription Box
Modern patterns, happy colors, a great display card! They will LOVE it!!
Here is the quick video from Paper Pumpkin on YouTube showing how to assemble the project.
(There are instructions included in every kit, but the videos have little tips that really help - watch how they stamp the Lines and get the spacing right on!)

So, first of all, I love that there are 8 cards in this kit. I can definitely use them up between crossing guards, office staff, and teachers!! They are the PERFECT size to tuck a gift card on that last page!! Paper Pumpkin Feb 2015 HappyMail Craft Subscription Box
Gift Card holder - deluxe!! A display to remind them of the sincere appreciation,
and a little treat tucked in there too! 
Gift Card holder. Check!
Class gift to the teacher? Get your group to chip in for gift cards, and fill that sweet card up!! 8 panels on the back gives you room to really mix up the love.
What about Graduation? To your graduate - again, who doesn't like a nice assortment of gift cards?!

But what else can you do with this kit?!?
How about a Mini Scrapbook album??
The panels are about 2.5" x 3.75". Print some of those Instagram pics in a collage on 4x6 photo paper and you'll be able to fit 2 prints - 8 photos - worth onto the back of the card. Add captions, and a cute note at the end panel on the front. Priceless!
Teachers, parent helpers, youth group leaders, volunteers at your organization, donors to your event. Pictures are fun and really share a moment. I think it will make a great card to share appreciation for special moments.

From your graduate - graduation is quite the milestone. Friends, Coaches, Mentors, Family - could be special filled with photos, or just written memories you want to share.

Speaking of coaches - team thank you cards! Room for the whole group to sign!
Perfect for work - maybe a retirement, or a thank you to a coworker for some excellent help on a project or other event you need alot of room for folks to sign?

If you missed out this month, DO NOT WAIT to register for next months kit! You could be a few clicks away from some great fun, useful projects, and exclusive stamp sets! #justsayin

Want to see what ELSE you can do with these kits?

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I'm off to play with some alternate project ideas to share with you, but really... The ideas above could use up a few kits just on their own!
No kidding, skip to the fun with this all inclusive craft subscription! You can use a break, right? ;-)
Happy Crafting!

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