Half Off Paper Pumpkin ENDS SOON!!!

The special offer for 50% off your first two months of membership in My Paper Pumpkin will end September 10th. You should probably just hop right over to www.MyPaperPumpkin.com and sign up before you forget!! Promo Code HALFOFF2 and remember to select (if you choose to type in the link rather than click directly there) remember to choose me (Angela Bodas) as your Demonstrator! 

I host an evening for my subscribers where we can gather together and make our kits, snack, and share some laughs! I'll have some alternate ideas for using your kit supplies, as well as some goodies for you. Its a fun night out!

Speaking of fun! Paper Pumpkin lets you Skip to the Fun in so many ways:

Cook up some Creativity! Follow the recipe, or add your own spice, either way it will be a great project! 
Paper pumpkin has everything (but the kitchen sink) included for you to make your professionally designed projects! Just open the box and let your ceativity get cookin'!!
Its perfect for family gatherings, or a night with friends, a morning coffee group, or just some after school fun with the kids. You can order multiple kits, or just get one and split the supplies. Everything is prepped and ready to go - no searching, sorting, or suffering involved!!

Skip to the Fun! A great break is easy to take with this fun little kit!
Paper pumpkin makes it easy to take a break. Choose to take a few minutes for yourself. Recharge your creativity, refresh yourself with a moment away from the hustle and bustle. 30 minutes or less, you deserve a break. Just open the box and enjoy, no color coordination or stamp selection - everything is planned out for you and shown in easy to follow instructions with photos. Enjoy your break, and you'll have a useful gift or card when you're done! 

Any Time, Any Where - Paper pumpkin is totally Portable! Everything you need is IN THE BOX!
Busy moms know all about needing some Mommy Time. The pretty red Paper Pumpkin Box makes it so simple to get in some Me time. Everything you need is in the box - super portable, to the sports practice, dance practice, play dates and park dates. Take a box with you and have some fun! You might even meet new people, curious about that cool project you just made in a snap!! 

Become a Member today for 50% off the regular price! Save and Skip to the Fun!!
Its got a strange name. True. Its a surprise when it arrives on your doorstep - you'll never know what you will find inside the box! Christmas/Birthday/Surprises come once a month! Its kind of a rush to see that pretty red box among the ads and bills, knowing its just for you! Join the club, see what being a member has to offer! At 50% off until 9/10 its worth a try!! Sign up today!

www.MyPaperPumpkin.com with Promo Code HALFOFF2 when you register. 

Have questions? Need more info? Please see my very informative post HERE or drop me a note!

Happy Crafting!

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