Glittered Greetings Paper Pumpkin Kit March 2014

Remember last month when I said you should sign up for Paper Pumpkin? LOL If you had listened, and signed up, you would be getting this package o' fun in the mail this week!! If you didn't.... well, read on and see what you're missing - and then GO SIGN UP (click here) so you can get your craft party in a box started!!!
Alrighty then... back to my March Kit!! 
Its called Glittered Greetings. Its got lots of gold and shiny envelope inserts, and some sparkly glitterific gold dots to use on the cards. And it has the totally trendy wood-cut accents, four thank yous and four congrats. Perfect cards for having on hand! This kit comes with TWO color spots, so if you keep up on your subscription, you're going to have quite the collection of inks going on. And the accent stamps are SO cute - arrows and chevrons, in perfectly clear photo polymer, so you can get perfect alignment every time! 

Glittered Greeting Paper Pumpkin Monthly Kit - March 2014
I linked to the Stampin' Up! video showing how to make these cards HERE (scroll to the bottom), but I wanted to give you a couple tips for my new stampers. (*waving HI!!*)

Aaallllll your stuff! This months box is stuffed!
So, Tip number One:
Photo Polymer stamps.... They're clear all the way through, but there is a RIGHT side and a WRONG Side. When you peel them up off the acetate sheets (keep those, both sides! and the bag they came in! - they'll help keep your stamps clean and you can easily see the designs with the printed design) you will notice the design cut into one side, and a smooth side. The smooth side is going to go onto your block, the cut/rough edge side is the stamp side.
R-r-r-r-r-ruffles have r-r-r-r-ridges. Remember that commercial? Well they have ridges on both sides... Your stamp DOES NOT! ;-) Look for that rough side, that goes in your ink.

Tip number Two:
Clean your stamp. Clean it before you use it, clean it if you put your fingers all over it feeling for the ridges, clean it after you use it! A clean stamp is a happy stamp. Unless you're going for the blotchy, grungy look... then stamp away: 
Stamp right off the holder, not cleaned : if you SEE blotches, you will STAMP blotches!!!
After cleaning, nice even inking, clearly able to line up and stamp your arrows.
You can clean your stamp with a baby wipe, if you have not invested in a stamp cleaning pad. If you plan to stamp more than a items, its not a huge investment but it will extend the life and quality of your stamps. Page 165 of your catalog, Stampin' Scrub washable scrub pads #126200, some Stampin' Mist cleaning spray #102394, and, while we are on cleaning, see also page 197 of your catalog for the Clear Block cleaning cloth #121779 and maybe the Clear-mount Guides #121785 you can put on your blocks to get things all straight and perfect. If your photo polymer stamps ever become covered in fuzz or dirt, or seem to lose their stickiness, you can wash them in mild soap and water. Store them between the acetate sheets, in the cello bag they came in, to keep them free from dust and dirt. 

Tip number Three: 
Those glittery gold sheets are actually your dots! Bend the edge of the sheet and you'll see your nicely pre-cut dots ready to peel and stick onto your card! 
Glittahhh babeee!!! Add some sparkle to those cards!

And there you have it, three tips to start your stampin' soiree! Thank you for visiting, thank you for reading my blog, and thank you for signing up for Paper Pumpkin! 

Thank You! 
You can still get in on this fun Paper Pumpkin thing, its not too late - join any time! 
But Sign up before March 31st to get a FREE set of markers! 
You can thank me later: 

Happy Crafting!

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