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New This Á That Product Line by Stampin' Up!
 This & That Journals ~ Smashing through creative blocks!

Q: The new This and That journals look cool. In what ways are people using them?

This and That Product Line by Stampin' Up!

A: Our latest This and That product line is based on a growing trend of smash books. They go back to the roots of scrapbooking when people created memory books filled with photos and mementos. Today’s scrapbooks can truly be a work of art to be cherished as a family heirloom, but some scrapbookers prefer to go back to a simpler and faster way of capturing what is happening in their lives. So, are you still wondering what it’s all about?
  • Do you remember doodling in your school notebook? It’s like that!

  • Have you ever created an Imagery Board for your wall or collages of magazine pictures that you like or places you want to go? It’s like that!

  • Have you ever had a journal you kept in the past and stopped because you just wanted to add a journal entry when you felt inspired instead of chronologically? It’s like that!

  • Have you ever collected ideas and inspiration from several different sources for a school project, a home renovation, a wedding, a party, or maybe a garden? It’s like that!

  • Ever wanted to have a place to add your favorite quotes when you hear them? It’s like that!

  • Need a place to collect all your love notes, recipes, or funny quotes from your kids? Yeah, it’s like that, too!

I could go on and on because, as with most crafting products, the only limitation for using This and That journals is your imagination! But, I will leave you with this last idea - basically, it’s Pinterest on paper. 

This and That Product Line by Stampin' Up!

This and That Product Line by Stampin' Up!

This and That Product Line by Stampin' Up!

As you can tell, this would be a great product for teens, Tweens, mothers, planners, would-be artists, collectors of pretty things ... the list goes on and on. Take a look at this video and then give it a try and see what inspires you!

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