More Amore Designer Fabric Valentines Shirt

I admit it, I spend alot of time on Pinterest. :-)
I found this adorable tutorial for a Valentines Day shirt a while ago, and I knew if I could make peace with my stupid challenging sewing machine that it would be just too cute for the girl this year! Then I saw the More Amore Designer Fabric that came out in the Stampin' Up! Spring Catalog, and whooo! There it was. Had to make it. So, I did.

Perhaps you will too!

More Amore Designer Fabric - Stampin' Up!
The amount of fabric they give you in this set is generous, 3 extra-wide fat quarters, 18x27". I have more than enough to make a few of these cuties - and since I'm early this year maybe I will make some giftables...The tutorial was pretty easy to follow, though I did the flowers a little differently, more of a modified yo-yo type flower than the sewn ones in the link.
(arguing with my sewing machine, Me: 0 - Sewing Machine: 1) 
Amore Mio 
Have you had much luck making Pinterest crafts, or are you just collecting ideas? I find that a good tutorial is all it takes, though I am partial to "figuring it out" as well... I try to pin stuff that has links to How it was done, not just a pretty picture. The pretty pictures I just collect in my "when I have a spare weekend" collection. ;-) AKA : Never Will. Sigh. Maybe when I'm older...

Happy Crafting!

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