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Q: I love receiving cards in the mail. Any suggestions on how to remember to send cards for any occasion?

Sending Cards

A: That is a great question! We all love the art of making cards, but sometimes it’s hard for any of us to remember special occasions, write a note to a friend, or even let go of a favorite card! (Yeah, we’ve all been there!) We’ve all seen ideas that sounded great and then when you think about it you know it will fit in your life or you think to yourself sarcastically “yeah, that’ll happen”! So, I’ve got a suggestion that will work for planners and those whose schedules are loose. Here are a couple of tried-and-true tips that will put you at the top of the thoughtful friend list!

Plan a Moment
If you are a planner, you’ll love this tip. Plan a time into your schedule each week for writing cards. Now this doesn’t have to be a big event; even 15 minutes that you can take to reach out to those you care about is great. I recommend stamping a whole stack of cards - they don’t have to be specific to the person, and keeping them on hand so that you can quickly add a note and get it in the mail. As much as we love the art of stamping, the true magic comes when you share that connection with someone else. Start by checking your calendar to see who has birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, etc. coming up. Next, take a few moments to reflect on your week. Who touched your life this week in a way that makes you grateful or who could use the pick-me-up of a thoughtful note? Now write a couple lines - it doesn’t have to be a lot for someone to know that you care.

Sending Cards

Grab a Moment
If the idea of planning a time to sit down makes you crazy, then don’t! Make a "to go" card center that you can use to write notes when you have a moment and the mood strikes you. Our clear-mount stamp cases are ideal. Just add a bit of your favorite Designer Series Paper under the cover and fill the case with a couple of cards, envelopes, a pen, and stamps. Now drop it in your purse or your car. Next time you are waiting for an appointment, sitting in the carpool line, hanging out at a kids sporting event, taking a lunch break at work, or whenever it is you have a minute, you can open your card case, write a quick note, add the address and stamp, and drop it into the mail. It is easy, fast, convenient, and a thoughtful way to make the most of those little moments.

Take a Photo
If you are like most stampers, you are afflicted with the “I can’t let it go” bug. You know the feeling - you love a card, want to remember a technique, plan to re-create more just like it, so you hold onto the card instead of sending it. Stop it! Cards are meant to be shared! But you can still keep the look, idea, and reminder by snapping a quick photo with your camera or cell phone. Save the photos in a file for card ideas or several files by stamp set, occasion, techniques, whatever it was that made you love the card. Now keep the photo and share the joy of the card by sending it and everyone wins!

Share the Magic
Unlike email that gets buried and forgotten, a hand-stamped card is a physical reminder to those that receive it that you thought of them, that you care, and that they are special. So hand-deliver or mail a card today. You’ll love the feeling you get from giving, and you’ll brighten someone’s day in a very special way.
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