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Q: Do you have suggestions for quick and affordable gifts?

A: People love getting handcrafted gifts. The saying about the thought being what counts is so true. You don't have to spend a fortune or eons of time making thoughtful gifts. Read on to find out about ideas for Food from the Heart, Inexpensive & Impressive, and Fast & Fabulous gifts you can create in the twinkle of an eye - but don't tell Santa he has competition!

Food from the Heart
We all love the comfort and thoughtfulness of homemade goodies around the holidays, and honestly, any other time, too! One of my favorite gifts to give (and receive) is the timeless Mason jar filled with a family cookie mix and recipe, soup mix, baked cookies, fudge, candies, cocoa mix, etc. This inexpensive gift is great because it's personal, it doesn't need to be dusted, it fits anyone, and it's a snap to create. Simply create a belly-band around the jar using Designer Series Paper or stamped card stock. Then add a bit of ribbon around the neck of the jar with a hand-stamped tag, fill with goodies, and you are done! I like using the From the Kitchen Of (#114964) stamp set to include the recipe for the treat included in the jar. Another great option is a big, oversized mug decorated with Decor Elements and filled with a special flavored coffee or tea bags. Add a Decor Element to the mug, then tie a ribbon with a hand-stamped tag around the handle and you have a great gift. The Letters to Santa Decor Elements (#124195) are a great option because they include lots of images that are perfect for the holidays, there is a coordinated stamp set for a tag, and they are a great value.

Inexpensive & ImpressiveCard Set
Gifts don't have to cost the world to be impressive. Purchase inexpensive scarves and/or gloves (sometimes even in $1 bins) and dress them up with fun embellishments. You can use Designer Fabric or ribbon to create a colorful ruffle. Add a whimsical flower using the Big Shot to die cut Designer Fabric, fleece, and felt. Create a coordinating brooch that can be pinned to a jacket for a fun, coordinating look! Quickly stitch on buttons in the recipient's favorite color for a stylish look, or a whole rainbow of colors for a fun and vibrant look. The Tasteful Trim Bigz XL die (#120893) is great for creating fabric accents and ruffles. The Flower Folds Bigz XL die (#115970) is one of many options for creating flower brooches and accents. Another thoughtful gift is a stack of hand-stamped cards. Make a whole set of cards with a monogram or an assortment of all-occasion cards. Tie them together with a ribbon and a hand-stamped tag and you have a fast and useful gift.

Fast & Fabulous
Simply Adorned Charm necklaces are one of my fast and fabulous gift items. They are ideal gifts to give to mothers, sisters, friends, daughters, etc. No worrying about sizes makes it easy, and the style can be customized to any preference, and can also be easily changed. It takes next to no time to create a couple of inserts customized for your friends and family. Create inserts with a monogram, Fast & Fabuloussimple floral images, seasonal inserts, or any of a huge variety of options. When you consider the nearly endless possibilities and the ease of changing the look, you'll appreciate the amazing value and thoughtful personalization that this gift offers! Because the Simply Adorned charms and chains come in gift boxes, just tie a ribbon and add a hand-stamped tag to enjoy stress-free gift wrapping!

It’s not too late!

These are just a few of the many possibilities for heartfelt, last-minute gifts that let you share your creativity and the true spirit of the season. Imagine how special your friends and family will feel when they receive the special gift you designed and created just for them! Contact me today for more ideas and to get any supplies you may need, and you'll have those last-minute gifts checked off your list in no time!
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