School Supply Cake for Back to School Night

I have been terribly busy with back to school this year, I joined the PTA and let me just say: WHEW! Lots to Do! I didn't really get a chance to do anything extra special for bubs teacher for the first day and I saw this tutorial on Tip Junkie which I thought would be a fun gift for Back to School Night. I strayed from the supply list a bit in creating this, and I admit its not as flowery as most "cakes" that are made, but I think it came out good - and most importantly his teacher Loved it!

School Supply Cake

I posted more photos and info on Facebook, but the tutorial linked above is really easy to follow.The supplies are going on clearance (if not already!) so stock up and gift a teacher you love with some stuff! These would be great for Teacher Appreciation day/week, or for their Birthday (ok, maybe :-), or you could tuck it away and gift it next year for a special Back to School gift.

Happy Crafting!

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Anonymous said...

Omgosh i love this.. would make a great gift!