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Q: How do you tie great bows? I look at the catalog and see perfect bows, but mine never turn out looking that nice.
What’s the trick?

There sure are some amazing bows out there! You are right - there are a couple of tricks. First of all, there are many ways to tie bows. I’ll share a quick tutorial below with one of my favorite bows! Second, knowing which types of ribbons work best with certain bows is a big help. And lastly, once you’ve learned about the first two tricks, the last trick is just good old fashioned practice!


Picking the right ribbon for your size and type of bow is important. Our lovely 1-1/4" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon is ideal for bows on 3-D items, décor, and gifts. It can be used to make bows on cards that you intend to hand deliver, but is too bulky for standard mailing.
Ribbons that are narrower and have a thinner, softer texture work best on cards you intend to mail. Ribbons like 1/2" Seam Binding, 3/8" Taffeta, 3/8" In Colors Ruffled, 1/4" Grosgrain, and 1/8" Taffeta make smaller bows with less bulk and work well for mailing. Ribbons like the 5/8" Satin, Crochet Trim, and 5/8" Organza can also work for cards you are mailing depending on the type of bow you tie.
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There are many different ways to tie bows. Some are basic bows like what you tie in your shoelaces, while some fancy bows can have double or triple loops. Some bows use a brad to hold the ribbon in place instead of a knot and other bows are tied around something, like fork tines, as a template. One of my favorites is the “fork bow". It always gets “oh’s, ahh’s, and wows"!

The Elegant Bow is also one of my favorites because it is easy, flat, and looks like you know a secret bow-tying trick, which you will!
I’ve included a quick tutorial for you below that I hope you enjoy!

Elegant Bow TutorialRibbon Tutorial

To create an Elegant Bow, you will need a 5" and a 2" strip of ribbon.
1. Lay a 5" piece of ribbon out flat. Add a dab of SNAIL to the

2. Fold in the right end of the ribbon and adhere to SNAIL. Add a dab of SNAIL on top of the ribbon end.

3. Fold in the left end of the ribbon and adhere to SNAIL. Add a dab of SNAIL on top of the ribbon end.

4. Place one end of a 2" piece of ribbon over the center of the folded ribbon creating an upside down “T" shape. Add a dab of SNAIL on top of the ribbon end that is over the folded ribbon.

5. Wrap 2" piece of ribbon around the folded ribbon until it overlaps and adheres to itself. Pull ribbon snug so it is flat, but not so tight that it causes the ribbon to gather.

6. Trim off excess ribbon.

7. The Elegant Bow is complete. Press it flat or push the ends gently to puff it up a bit based on your preference. Adhere the elegant bow to your project alone or layered on a strip of ribbon.


I hope you enjoy creating the Elegant Bow. I’d love to teach you and your friends a whole variety of bows, tips, and tricks that will really add that extra-special touch to your cards, scrapbooks, décor, and other crafting projects. Contact me today to book your workshop and we can decide what types of bows will “wow" you and your friends with!
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