Renovation: the act of improving by renewing and restoring

Exciting things are happening at Stampin' Up!
The Stampin' Up! colors have been slightly changed now and again, but this time they are doing a full out COLOR RENOVATION!

One of the things that drew me to Stampin' Up! was that the ink matched the paper and the accessories. Walking into a store you never know, will the lighting provide well enought to match items correctly? Will you end up at home going, (big Sigh) "Well, close enough, I guess..."
Not with Stampin' Up! The colors all MATCH! (yes, I'm one of those Matchy-Matchy Joy-Joy people)

What does that mean for you?

Well sadly it means that we will be saying good-bye to some of your favorite colors. Your sadness will turn to joy however when you see the NEW Stampin' Up! colors and when I tell you that some of your favorite In Colors will be returning!

Please join me in applauding these colors for their stellar performances in your crafts...

for we must bid them a fond farewell come June!

I would encourage to take a look now and see what ink refills you need to order for your existing ink pads, as well as card stock, markers and any other accessories that come in these colors.

You will be able to order items in these colors through the end of May for sure and then they will be available while supplies last during June.

To place an order,
visit my online store and click the Shop Now button.

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