My "New Year" Project

<----- LAST Years Birthday Celebrations (Thanks SOOO Much Liz & Kristin & Shannon & Austrailians! and Yes, I know its Upside down - the Austrailians need a picture They can see! Sheesh!)

So I mention that I am going to try out this new project - the 365 Project - since July 1 was my Birthday and its a "new" year and all... and folks haven't heard of it and ask me "what IS that 365 thing you're talking about?!?" SO....

Short & Sweet: you take a photo every single day of the year for the entire year. ((for me this will NOT be hard)) Of course, there will be photos of the special events in life like birthdays and holidays but even if you don’t have anything exciting going on that day, you still snap a photo of something in your life. (like I dont already - Daisies on the Lawn at the Roof Garden? They WERE cute!) I found it here: Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way and you say - That is NOT crafty!!

So I say ((WHaaaaT? my photos are not crafty?!? you know me & my photos!!))

But I also saw it here at Beckys Blog and she IS Crafty!

AND I saw it here ( with links to sample galleries) and> here (Creating Keepsakes 365 ideas for photos) - crafty spots! And they all involve Photos -- my Other Passion :-)

When explaining this, one question was would I be taking photos of myself or what? Well, that’s just it – since it would be my project and my interpretation of my year then it could be photos of anything in my life; anything that has importance or matters to me at the time. It doesn’t necessarily have to be people. But what’s the point of taking a photo every single day you ask? Well to each person it probably means something a little different but in the years to come it will be a great way to reflect back at this age and stage of my life. My kids, my commute, my desk at work... One suggestion I read was to photograph things such as a gas station displaying the current price of gas. I think something like that will be interesting to look back on from years from now to not only look back on my own small world but the world at large.

So, what do you do with these 365 photos? Some people post them on Flickr or on their personal blogs and while I will do that, my ultimate goal is to scrapbook these photos. I think the journaling will be the hardest for me, I don't usually caption my pics...

Have you been participating in 365 from Jan 1 2009? Have you done it before? Any tips or tricks you might have for me? Want to join me and start on Your Birthday? Come On - we'll try it!

Happy Crafting!

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Marjori Miller said...

I'm gonna try it too! It'll be harder for me though, I've never been much of a camera person! But I'm gonna take the challenge!

Thanks for the inspiration!