Stranded on a Crafty Desert Island: must haves to Craft

It is unlikely that they will ever have a Survivor series for the crafty set, but just in theory… what would be your must have items on your island paradise??

Suggested by :

  • Cutting Mat
  • Cutting instrument – blade or scissors?
  • Ruled metal straight edge
  • Bone Folder – or stylus?
  • Glue stick or Tape?
  • Black Ink Pad – pigment or Dye?
  • Stamps
  • Embossing Powder & Heat Gun (quitte the posh little island You have there… electricity!?!)
  • Stamp Cleaner & Cleaning Pad

I for one agree with most of that… my room of tools is not yet so large that I can imagine much more than these basics. With the heat gun, I have to say it is not even a major part of my arsenal yet, I only have ideas on a half-dozen cards to use it on. In a pinch I could do without the mat and the bone folder too, but the stylus would be pretty darn useful. I do love the Stampin’ Up! Scissors – both the paper scissors and the paper snips that work WELL on pretty much everything! I ADORe my stamp cleaner and cleaning pad – what an awesome invention :-D Happily, you can find a great deal on basics – and many under $10, from Stampin’ Up! Check out Shop Now from my site, and then look under Product Price Guide. Breaks it down for you into Under $10, Under 25, and more for those looking to steal away to a crafty island – or if you just want a great deal on some great products, to pad that already well stocked craft room!

What tools would you pack in your Island Must Have bag?

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